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On one of these occasions, the Archangel Gabriel Jibra'il in Arabic appeared to him and instructed him to recite "in the name of [your] lord. These early revelations pointed to the existence of a single God, contradicting the polytheistic beliefs of the pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula.

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Initially overwhelmed by the significance of what was being revealed to him, Muhammad found unflinching support in his wife and slowly began to attract followers. His strong monotheistic message angered many of the Meccan merchants. They were afraid that trade, which they believed was protected by the pagan gods, would suffer. From that point forward, Muhammad was ostracized in Mecca.

For a time, the influence and status of his wife and his uncle, Abu Talib, the chief of the clan, protected Muhammad from persecution. After they died, however, Muhammad's situation in Mecca became dire.

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The Hijra Emigration became the only hope for Muhammad and his followers' survival. In , they headed to Medina, another oasis town, where they were promised freedom to practice their religion.

The move from Mecca to Medina is known as the hijra —the flight—and marks year 1 of the Islamic, or hijri , calendar. Spreading the Message of Islam In Medina, Muhammad continued to receive divine revelations and built an ever-expanding community around the new faith. The conflict with the Quraish continued, but after several years of violent clashes, Mecca surrendered.

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Muhammad and his followers soon returned and took over the city, destroying all its pagan idols and spreading their belief in one God. The Quraysh spotted them and a group of them followed them all the way to Abyssinia and the court of the King, the Negus.

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Quran, On one occasion they attempted to kill him by dropping a large boulder, which could barely be lifted, on his head. Are these the characteristics of a power-hungry or a self-centered man? Previous Contents Next Home Page: www. Previous Contents Next.