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However, there is plenty of work. Keep working. I would take part-time paid work over unpaid work. And I would take unpaid work over no work. Work is about work — pay is about money and supply vs. In the early s, I did a lot of short-term projects… but I was not a job-hopper. I incorporated, and I did my work as an employee of my own company.

Instead of hopping among a half dozen companies in 5 years, I had a company for 5 years with 6 impressive clients. This is entirely legit — and I was always loyal — I never walked out of an engagement before it was completed. My references were excellent. One client that I had for 3 years became my employer for another 6. If someone has something negative to say about you, listen… there might be an opportunity in it to get something fixed. If you are a good problem solver, then your current employment situation is just one more problem that needs to get solved. If you are unemployed, you have the time.

Do that work on improving yourself, and you will look back at these times as the most important of your life. Visit the site for details. Sign up for the newsletter to be updated on future events. Hope to meet you in person on Monday. I totally agree that a resume is useless, whether a job seeker has been job-hopping or sticking to one employer.

Draw attention to skills, abilities and achievements.

Even networking is useless. Why would you spend time, effort, and even money adding strangers to your network? I was hired because of my resume—it reflected meaningful work in a related fields experience. A lot of employers are, if you get to the interview, willing to listen to your story about the why and how you have advanced your career and are interested in what jobs you have had in past.

Fox you make a valid point that cannot be ignored. I know speaking for myself, I have a lengthy background, with many high profile situations. It would be near impossible to go full steam without a resume to outline it in a logical manner, there is just far too much to cover. Yeah, many employers ask for and require a resumes as part of the application process. However, I think the point is that too many job seekers require the resume to do all the work. And then when one of them asks for your resume, hand it over. I work in advertising.

Aside from a few shops, the average tenure of most workers at most agencies tops out at about three or four years. The average time the average manager spends reading a resume is about 30 seconds. So you see the problem. If there is just far too much to cover, we have an even bigger problem. If one gets the interview, the HR or management team are going to ask the things they really want to know about you in that.

Also, it is good practice to ask them a tough question too. SO, my selling point was my proving my motivation to be a team member!


Job hopping: Career crack for losers - Ask The Headhunter®

CEO took me for a two hour tour of the area,I was told that had never happended before after and iterview, so I guess he really wanted to impress me with the advantages of the Lehigh Valley and his job-offer and that felt good! Still goes back to getting the interview and being able to sell yourself as NIC always points out! A number of very talented men and women have been passed by due to such laziness in the corporate world.

Very good point, so it seems luck or divine intervention maybe the only factor after all in landing the job one wants! Best practice seems to be to utilize all resources in job-search, networking, research the company, targeting the right person to initiate a contact and show interest, to get a foot in the door for an interview is still the biggest hurddle.

Millennials Job-Hopping: Money Isn't the Problem

I work with a lot of people who can just ruin their chances to be hired by freezing up in the interview. If one is talented by socially inept, it can be the death of their chance at the job. The likeableness factor is what I call this issue. Just muddying the water some more. You bring up great points. If the fit is right, and the talent there …the rest will fly. Great points you have put down to consider.

Optimize your resume.

Thank you. Nick wrote: As for resumes, Scott, sometimes I mean no resumes period. A month? I figure that if you are doing your job right, there are a lot of people out there who kind of know your resume without having seen it. It does not always work so simply for multi-level experienced people. I am not saying it cannot. I have done it too. I have been there doing the talk routine and nailed very high profile situations. I am also aware that is a rare thing. I have worked with people with minimal skills that have great confidence—they get the job more frequently than to person who is fearful and who are timid and reticent.

Change is inevitable in most markets today. Displaced workers have to let go of the past and move forward into what is available in the market and put the pieces of the puzzle together—it is unique for each person. I helped a colleague start his own business and he is doing great! I advised him and helped him get a big raise, but he would still be working for a domineering organization that is all about control and abusing the underlings without a creative idea and my pushing him to go for it.

Now he is their competition. Stepping out on a limb is a challenge for persons stuck in a rut—which by the way, is just a grave with both ends open. I agree with your buddy as everything you said benefits the employer while giving little value to the employee. Otherwise you are saying nothing more than, I want you to work long term and be a good employee and give up your liquidity in the labor market but keep the option to let you go at any time. Plus, the days of gold watches and pensions are long gone. A friend of mine lost her father last year to a massive heart attack.

He was stressed because his employer had decided to lay him off after nearly 30 years of work and had doubled his workload for the last few months before his layoff date. No significant severance was offered. When he died, the company found a technicality and tried to screw his family over on his life insurance.

I could keep giving examples, but my point is this: These days, a loyal employee is a stupid employee.

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If you want a drone who works their 40 hours, gets their paycheck and is happy that way until you later lay them off, hire a loyal person who never job hops. If you want a smart employee who constantly learns more about their job, wants more responsibility, takes on extra work without being asked, and expects to be valued in return, consider the job hoppers—at least, those of them whose past hops have successfully landed them more money and more responsibility, and whose past employers speak of them in glowing tones.

Further, I found it repulsive that you referred to a fellow writer in your field in such crude and unkind terms. Your article helps make the case against this tactic… thank you. Such a collection of short projects will just look like job hopping on a resume.

How to Spot a Job Hopper (Before It Is Too Late)

Thanks for the additional reasons to not work… Lots of different work on your resume will just look bad. In all seriousness, what looks bad to you might look great to someone else. Be yourself, and work for people who understand you. This so called hopping? Kathy: Please read my post again.

I write this blog to help people deal with in-your-face problems, and this is one of them. I made it clear that people jump either of their own volition, or because their employers have screwed them. I offered two suggestions. Both suggestions are up to you — not to the next employer.

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