Manual Social Media Generation in Urban China: A Study of Social Media Use and Addiction among Adolescents

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Subject: Marketing Rethinking U.

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Subject: Communication Effect of media on female adolescents' satisfaction with their body image Cardosi, Cynthia A. Subject: Educational psychology The relationship between mentoring and spiritual formation among nontraditional theological seminary students Dunlow, Jacob, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, , Ed. Subject: Occupational psychology A comparative analysis of leadership development models in post-baccalaureate theological education Kiedis, Thomas Lee, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, , Ph.

Subject: Business education "Universal healthcare"- Is it the solution for the current healthcare crisis in the United States?

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Kunnath, Raju J. Subject: Marketing A study of the relationship between generational group identification and organizational commitment: Generation X vs. Subject: Management Crisis communication strategies and reputation risk in an era of social media: A study of online users' perception and engagement Hosseinali-Mirza, Venus, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal Canada , , Ph. Its success has been claimed by the researchers in the results achieved by social networks and its increase use as a section that the particular behavior has been observed strong channel to enhance students' socialization is by the student-affair officers and professors where the main object of this tool [30].

Moreover, they usually prefer internet mediated use.

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The development of applications of different communication and avoid face to face formats includes social networking sites, is the communication whenever interaction is required. It in the dorm room for most of their period of college has been made for the purpose of transformation and life may seems dire. Social networks can reliability, interconnectivity, expression of ideas and also be used in many ways by educators, such as discussion of diverse subjects in an environment easy creating learning communities for the school, class, to manipulate and managed.

Therefore, the future project for space opens the opportunity for students and teachers continuity of this line of research is the preparation of to interact with each other, exchanging information, a structure involving a virtual environment of sharing experiences both personal as well as learning VLE.

VLE is known as the academic professional. It also helps in sharing knowledge in a community with an easy-to-use social network, thus collaborative and dynamic way, making this space an for increasing the interest of the students. Moreover, extension of the classroom and creates even more within the network environment, resources managed interest in participating and discussing topics for by VLE, includes evaluations, questionnaires, note learning. Thus, this could lead to the learning of notices and instant messaging [30].

The creation of everyone participated in this exchange of knowledge group spaces is reserved for discussions and for other [30].

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Additionally, other important thing to note is technological innovations of the social network. The structured system creative and dynamic way. Another factor that can will analyses the efficiency of the social network, the occur during these virtual meetings is in increase the VLE integrated into this entity, and if it has achieved interest of the students to research beyond the subject, the goal of making learning more collaborative and because the curiosity. The use of social networks for innovative. While with the aim of complementing them social interactions [14].

As affirmed by Siemens, with new emerging virtual learning environments [4]. This idea is in line with the knowledge [27]. It has been further emphasizing that collaborative environment of social networks where evolution has been accompanied by the integration of there is a complementation of the traditional method, new technologies and social networks in formal allowing the student to construct of their own education. Therefore, there is need to take a new knowledge in collaboration with their peers and direction similar to the web and become more open, teachers.

Although, with the use of a space for collaboration, such as social 5. Furthermore, the use of social young students in these environments. The social networks as teaching platforms is an option for network become an important tool for interaction, building the relationship between students and communication, exchange of experiences and teachers. For instance, these teachers and students use knowledge, taking into account the socialization of some networks to exchange experiences, the individuals. As it can express their opinions, share assessments, and content with learning information at their problems and solutions that would often go all levels of study [16].

Moreover, teachers and students could use learning environment, making it possible to analyses these social networks to exchange experiences, the effectiveness of social networking tool in higher assessments, and content with learning information at education. Therefore, social networks have been used by teachers as a platform for exchanging 6. It could be used in many different ways by educators, such as creating [1]. Beqiri, G. Blumberg, B. Business research of social media usage and its impact on higher methods. McGraw-hill education. Chaffey, D. Global social media China.

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Although, the increasing population of China research summary Smart Insights, 8. Coiro, J. Handbook of research One of the major problem of social media on new literacies. Davenport, S. Twitter versus Facebook: Exploring related problems among young individuals in China. Computers in Human consistent with the substance dependence.

Behavior, 32, Social networks as a tool to support education center [6]. Flick, U. Introducing research in an online environment includes all teaching methodology: A beginner's guide to doing a activities in combination with the exchange of research project. Hew, K. Use of teachers. However, one of the difficulties Web 2.

Educational Research Review, 9, do not understand how to apply such environments in Holmes, K. Thus, it does not achieve the expected results of The experiences of people with learning the teaching-learning process. It has been concluded disabilities on social networking by several researchers that the improvement in sites. British Journal of Learning productivity through the available tools in these Disabilities, 42 1 , Huang, H.

Social media generation performance more effectively. Since, it makes them in urban china: A study of social media use feel an integral part of this process and not only and addiction among adolescents. Springer receivers of vertically passed knowledge. Iosub, I. Social-Media Platforms and communication gap in classrooms. Hence, social Marketing of Higher Education networks successfully contribute to learning when it Institutions.

Journal of Emerging Trends in is used responsibly and wisely by the main actors of Marketing and Management, 1 1 , Virtual learning environments also [11]. Jacquemin, S. Twitter in the higher and facilitating the work of the teacher [16]. Journal [25]. Seaman, J.

The uses and abuses of Facebook: A review of Facebook addiction

Social media for teaching and [12]. Karlsson, C. UK: Pearson Learning Systems. Research Methods [26].

Siemens, G. Connectivism: A for Operations Management, Kiraly, D. A social constructivist [27]. Taylor, S. Introduction to qualitative research Empowerment from theory to practice. John Routledge. Lin, I. It is being developed to help students to prepare for entrance and competitive examination, to enable people to learn and prepare from best practices from all over the world and to facilitate researchers to perform inter-linked exploration from multiple sources.

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