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A protected movie is one that cannot be opened in Director and therefore is 'safe' to distribute without giving away the code you have developed for your application. X32, as shown below, then click the Remove button. Continue clicking the Remove button until all the items have been removed. Xtras are Director's plugins. There are standard Xtras that come with Director and provide information of how media types will work. If, for example, you have a Flash movie in your application, you will need the Flash Xtra also called Asset to be bundled with the projector to give information on how the Flash members will be displayed and work.

Xtras can either be embeded in the projector as indicated above with the tick next to Include in Projector or they can be bundled as external files. Generally, it is a good idea to keep the Xtras as external files. This will allow the projector to remain as small in file size as possible and ensure it is fast when starting up.

If Xtras are not bundled with the projector, you may receive an error message telling you the Xtra is missing. Sound will not play without the required Xtras and visual media may appear with a red box with an X through it.

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Save your movie as stub. We have now saved a movie that can act as a stub for the main application. With stub. Create a text member with the words "This is the main movie" and place it in your Score in frame one. Save the movie. X32 These Xtras are important for the text to be displayed properly. Whenever you add a new cast member that is linked to a specific Xtras, those Xtras will automatically be added to the movie's Xtra list.

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In our case, this will not affect our stub projector in any way since it will be made rom a different movie. Open stub. The top option is your Windows projector simply referred to as Projector. Make sure it is ticked The second option is a Macintosh Projector. Click on the Projector tab. The default setting for Player type is Standard. Choosing Shockwave removes some of runtime library files from the executable, further reducing the projector size.

Select Standard. Click on the Full screen and Center stage in monitor check boxes. Another option that you can set at this stage is the Exit lock property. We will leave it unchecked.

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Click on the Files tab. You will see an option Exclude all Xtras. This does the same thing as we did earlier by removing Xtras from the Xtra list. However, selecting the checkbox here is much faster, so is probably the better way to go. But, now you know both ways. In this Files tab, we can add other movies or cast files to be included in the projector. But, that would defeat the purpose of keeping them separate and keeping our projector optimised to be a fast start stub.

The Compress files Shockwave format allows cast content to be compressed with shockwave, but this is not needed.

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The options at the bottom, Play every movie in list is only important if we include more than one movie in the projector, which is not advisable in any situation. Click on the Publish button. You will be prompted to save your movie which you should do. The projector will then open but you will get an error message as follows This application requires an Xtra Text that either does not exist or failed to initialize properly.

Please make sure the appropriate Xtras are in the Xtras folder s. Click OK. You will see the red box with the X through as I mentioned earlier. Since we have not embedded the Text Xtra into the projector and we have not bundled it as an external file, the text cannot be displayed. Close the projector by pressing Escape or clicking the close box in he top right corner of the projector window. Open the projector settings dialog box, click on the Projector tab, change the Player type to Shockwave and click Publish.

This time the projector may play with no errors and the text appears as it should. The reason it would work in this case is because the projector is using Shockwave to play the projector.

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If you have Shockwave installed on your computer, as I do, the required files are found without any problems. However, you can't assume everyone will have Shockwave on their computer. Later on, we will bundle all the correct files to eliminate the need for Shockwave. Creating a Shockwave projector with such a version will simply create a standard projector.

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  8. One other thing that you may have noticed when the projector was launched was that it opened in a window even though we had chosen to create a Full Screen projector. We will now see how to control the appearance of a projector. General Options Title allows you to specify the text in the titlebar of the projector window.

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    When no title is specified in the Property Inspector, the window title will be the same as the projector name. Change the Title to My Stub Projector , save and then publish the projector.

    Rapid Shockwave Movie Development

    You will see the title change to your text. Type allows you to specify a window type.

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    Document windows appear with a standard titlebar, a close box, and a minimise and maximse box. Tool windows appear with a short titlebar and a small close box. They appear on top of document windows if multiple windows are open. Dialog windows have a standard titlebar and a close box. Dialog windows are always on top of other window types.

    Experiment with publishing different window Type s to see the different appearance of the projector. Location allows you to specify the position of the window on your monitor. Generally, a projector window should be centred. As you can see, the default setting does not have Centered selected but we specified this in the publish settings, which took priority. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this volume focuses on the trust processes between people within organizations, with an emphasis on empirical studies.

    Rational foundations and psychological motivations for trust are taken into account through conceptual and empirical chapters.