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Production of the aircraft prevented some problems with the engine, which quite often underwent a fire during the flight and control problems. The experience of fighting in Europe have convinced the US Navy command to order heavier weapons. Mounted in the fuselage machine guns dismantled, adding the extra M2 cal. Such a solution requires elimination wing fuel tanks, so engineers decided while moving the cockpit to the rear, add additional self-sealing tank in the fuselage.

In February U.

Vought F4U Corsair Facts for Kids

Then the plane received the official name of Corsair. The first serial aircraft flew 24 June , and the Navy received the first copy from the date of July 31, During the tests on the USS Sangamon it turned out that the pilot in the cockpit located practically can not see what is in front of the plane during taxiing, what could cause severe accidents. It was therefore decided that the first Corsairs will go to Marine Corps squadrons stationed in bases on land.

Starting from copy, aircraft increased slightly the position of the cockpit and the cabin itself was rebuilt to provide better visibility for the pilot. Version of the new cab was determined later F4U1-A. Some of the aircraft were adapted for photographic reconnaissance; they received the designation F4U-1P. Subsequent aircraft engine received RW with the possibility of a short-term increase in power up to hp.

These aircraft were given the designation XF4U-3 plants Goodyear FG-3 and were characterized by a better performance at high altitudes, but decided not to produce this variant. The novelty was also used four blade propeller. Armament was identical to the version of the F4U-1D 6 x Also produced night versions of the fighter, the first of which was designated F4U-5N and the other, equipped, in addition to anti-icing systems F4U-5NL.

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F4U Corsair

F4U-1 Corsair placards. F4U-5 Hasegawa.

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F4U-4 Corsair cockpit set Hobby boss. F4U-4 Corsair wheel bay Hobby boss. F4U1-D Corsair Academy. F4U-1 Corsair Pitot Tube.

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