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His foreign queen, the Bactrian princess Roxanne, was pregnant when Alexander succumbed to the mysterious fever in B. As he lay on his deathbed, his generals—stalwarts who had campaigned with him for over a decade—debated their next steps. Alexander left no designated heir, and in his dying breaths reputedly granted his kingdom "to the strongest. Early Imperial period. Marble; G. Glyptothek, Munich GL The stakes, compounded by confusion, were high. Distrust among his generals made it impossible to reach consensus, and discussions were moved to the throne room, where the king's regalia and crown were placed on his throne.

Even after death, he presided over the ensuing power struggle and acted as a "ghost on the throne. Alexander had given Perdiccas, his top-ranking officer, his signet ring, and with it, evidently, the wherewithal to organize the situation to his advantage.

The Basques/Catalans are the Tudors/Stuarts,heirs to the British legacy.

Perdiccas was quick to promote Alexander's feeble-minded half brother Arrhidaeus later rebranded Philip Arrhidaeus as the rightful heir to the throne until Roxanne's child came of age. The precise nature of Arrhidaeus' mental handicap remains unclear, but it allowed Perdiccas to rule as regent. Perdiccas entrenched himself in Babylon with his puppet king, while the rest of the empire was carved up with regions assigned to other generals, most notably Ptolemy in Egypt, Antigonos "The One Eyed" in Cilicia, and Eumenes in Cappadocia.

Far to the west, the formerly independent Greek city-states seethed and attempted unsuccessfully to gain back autonomy from an aged Antipater, the Macedonian nobleman who served as regent in the royal capital of Pella. The most expedient way for this first generation of Alexander's successors to legitimize their reigns and secure the loyalty of their soldiers was to lay claim to Alexander's legacy through his bloodline.

One strategy was alliance through marriage. In this most uncertain climate, two formidable royal women—Olympias and Cynnane—understood that the power struggle unfolding in the East presented an opportunity for them to regain power and ensure their survival in uncertain times. Without powerful allies, these royals ran serious risk of being murdered. With daughters of childbearing age who were both blood relatives of Alexander, the women set their sights on the most powerful bachelors in the realm and set about matchmaking. Olympias dispatched her daughter Cleopatra east, sending overtures for a royal match to Perdiccas in Babylon.

Cleopatra set up residence in Sardis and waited. She would wait two decades—the rest of her youth—as a princess in a tower. Armed to the teeth, Cynnane the daughter of an Illyrian princess and known to have fought alongside Philip's army traveled with her teenage daughter, Princess Adea Alexander's cousin , and a mercenary army across the Hellespont and into Asia with the objective of reaching Babylon and marrying Adea to Philip Arrhidaeus.

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  • Seeing this potential alliance as a direct threat to his own power, Perdiccas dispatched his brother and troops to halt the wedding expedition. Cynnane was killed in cold blood by a man she grew up with in the royal court—an outrageous crime decried by the horrified soldiers who witnessed it. To mollify them, Perdiccas arranged for the marriage to take place in Babylon.

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    Several years later this royal couple made their way back to the Macedonian capital, luring Olympias back from Epirus to promote the claim of her young grandson Alexander IV, Alexander's son with Roxanne. Adea turned out to be an ambitious and formidable opponent, and Olympias smelled trouble. The two women met on the battlefield.

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    • Ebook Blood Legacy: Heir To The Throne (Volume 1) 2009.
    • Olympias led her forces to the beat of drums, dressed as a maenad with ivy crown and fawn-skin cloak. Adea led her own army, dressed in the full armor of a Macedonian infantryman. Olympias' appearance and reputation so cowed Adea's troops, most abandoned her and joined the dowager queen, who in short order captured Adea and Arrhidaeus and ostentatiously imprisoned them in Pella. No longer able to discreetly kill them the Macedonian norm , she hired a band of Thracian women to stab Arrhidaeus to death and awarded Adea the option of suicide, sending a sword, a noose, and a dagger to her prison cell.

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      Ever defiant, the young queen hung herself with her own scarf. Olympias hid their bodies and denied them proper burial. Her reign of terror in Macedonia continued as she went after the family of Antipater, who she believed poisoned Alexander, opening graves and scattering the ashes of deceased relatives and quickly eliminating living ones. But Olympias would have her comeuppance.

      She had gone too far in her flamboyant revenge, and Cassander Antipater's only living son returned to Macedonia and rapidly had Olympias killed, meting out a final revenge by casting her corpse outside the city to be ravaged by beasts.

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      Cassander had Alexander IV, the boy who would be king, and his mother quietly killed several years later and buried them in Vergina, in a manner befitting royalty. Ptolemy, who had quietly relocated to rule Egypt, had a different tactic for linking himself to Alexander: he stole his body. In a brilliant and bold move, his forces hijacked the funeral train and luxurious hearse containing Alexander's mummy as it made its way from Babylon to Macedonia, bringing it first to Memphis and then to his new Egyptian capital, Alexandria. There, Alexander's mummified corpse was displayed in an elaborate mausoleum.

      Greek, Ptolemaic.

      Blood Legacy: Heir to the Throne (Volume 1)

      Gold; 1 in. Davis Collection, Bequest of Theodore M. Davis,